You know Why Mangusta Yacht have this name?


Mangusta builds a ship to kill a cobra. It is fantastic story. In the year 1985 a maritime electronics engineer named Giuseppe Balducci set up Overmarine after having spent years servicing the shipyards of Viareggio and deciding he might construct ships too. The boat to beat in these times was the mighty Tecnomarine Cobra, and what eats cobras for breakfast? . A mongoose, of course. Therefore was the Mangusta brand born. Similar to most great stories this one is completely true, and it's given added poignancy by the simple fact that Tecnomarine has now vanished while Overmarine occupies an important waterfront site in this fabled capital town of Italian yacht building. 

Its first product was a 80 footer, also outrageously large and fast motor yachts became the shipyard's stock in trade. Secured to the quay in front of one of the massive assembly sheds, our 105 test vessel was dwarfed by Mangustas on both sides, but in almost any other setting the strong, 103 ft 95 tonner is a very important ship indeed. The Mangusta 105 is a favorite model. More than 30 were assembled. Our was the first of the Mark 2s, with a totally restyled superstructure molding, but the winning formula is otherwise not much shifted: large engines, large interiors, and a large character.

The smallest boat model constructed by Overmarine is 72, also with the 80 these are the only surface drive models from the lineup. Everything else has jets, and the 105 has two 2, 400 horsepower MTU V16s to push them. One glance at the helm console is sufficient to affirm that this is no regular motoryacht, thanks to the various direction and override systems assembled In the Rolls Royce KaMeWa propulsion electronics there appears to be twice the standard number of screens, dials, gauges, and monitors, and the control units themselves seem worryingly unfamiliar. Actually, taking the helm of the motoryacht is remarkably simple.

There's a traditional wheel, with one quarter turn lock to lock, this being a pure fly-by cable set up, but the controller units are the best way to go. With engines and drives synchronized to one unit, an easy one handed twisting action steers the ship, and the throttle lever is right at your fingertips. It appears an outstanding way to exercise control over such a strong machine, however it works beautifully and requires only a couple minutes to get accustomed to.

It will help, Of course, the fact that 105 is superbly balanced, equally responsive to both controller and helm, and to get something of the size and displacement, a positive joy to drive. Today the 165  Feet is the Admiral for the series Sport, and two new displacement unit are the beginning of another era.

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Sunday, 17 February 2019
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