5 Common Myths about Bodyguards

​ There are few professions that create as much intrigue as that of a bodyguard. Hired by celebrities, billionaires and royalty, the modern Bodyguard, Close, Personal or Executive Protection Officer are in increasing demand. Global insecurity, a sharp upsurge in violent crime and a reduction in police manpower has resulted in more corporate executi...
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Manage Well

Virtual Office Software YManage.Net Work Better http://office.ymanage.net Alessandro Macri looks at the benefits of running virtual office software that allows cooperation between team members in various geographic location Enjoy your office from the comfort of your yacht with virtual office software packages from YManage. The suite of products pro...
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You know Why Mangusta Yacht have this name?

Mangusta builds a ship to kill a cobra. It is fantastic story. In the year 1985 a maritime electronics engineer named Giuseppe Balducci set up Overmarine after having spent years servicing the shipyards of Viareggio and deciding he might construct ships too. The boat to beat in these times was the mighty Tecnomarine Cobra, and what eats cobras for ...
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Buy a Yacht?

With regards to sailing, nothing ever beats the luxury to do it with a yacht. Either sailing out into the dark blue ocean for leisure or going fishing with pals and families, a yacht is an ideal tool for such activities. Yachts on the market differ from model, size, horse power, and characteristics. There's something that yachts have in common - th...
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Start Up Advice

The most effective priority for any entrepreneur starting a brand new company should be to develop a solid company plan. New company owners often worry about details like getting a company license or negotiating a lease before they've figured out if their new business can be rewarding. Developing a company plan first forces you to think throughout ...
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Finally Introduced in Thailand Digital Nomads Visa

The Thai government approved Smart Visa, for business professionals today. It'll be a significant boost for Thailand as a Nomad hub, as it'll encourage more Digital Nomads and assist them remain for longer durations than 3 months. They've currently restricted the applicants to startup company owners, investors, large leveled executives, along with ...
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